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Pic of Guests on Deccan Odyssey
Guests on Board
Clients on Deccan Odyssey
Photo of Guest on Deccan Odyssey

Indian Odyssey Journey

Departure from Delhi (30 Sep' 2023)

The Departure Ceremony Photos featuring the garlanding and tikka ceremony of the Deccan Odyssey in Delhi are a testament to the grandeur and tradition that surround this luxury train's maiden voyage.

In these captivating images, one can witness the fusion of opulence and cultural heritage as the train is adorned with marigold garlands and a sacred tikka mark on its auspicious journey. The rich tapestry of colors, the aroma of flowers, and the deep-rooted symbolism in every gesture during this ceremony are beautifully captured.

These photos reflect not only the meticulous attention to detail but also the deep respect for tradition that makes the Deccan Odyssey a truly remarkable and unforgettable travel experience.

Deccan Odyssey at Safdarjung Railway Station Delhi Shehnai Session on Indian Odyssey Departure at Delhi Station Guests Pics on Delhi Departure Photos of Garlanding Tikka to Guests
Deccan Odyssey Departure point Deccan Journey Indian Odyssey Journey Pics Guest welcome on deccan odyssey Warm Welcome pic of Deccan Odyssey Guests
Deccan Staff Pic Garlanding Tikka on Indian Odyssey Journey Departure Guest Welcome pic
guest-arrival-on-destination Deccan Odyssey Staff Deccan Odyssey India Welcome Guests on Deccan Odyssey Deccan Odyssey Guests on Tour

Indian Sojourn Journey

Departure from Mumbai (23 Sep' 2023)

The grand inauguration of the Deccan Odyssey's Indian Sojourn journey in Mumbai was a magnificent event that captured the essence of luxury train travel in India.

The bustling Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus served as the perfect backdrop for this opulent affair, where dignitaries, travelers, and enthusiasts from all corners of the world gathered to witness the beginning of an unforgettable expedition.

The ceremony was a harmonious blend of traditional Indian rituals and modern-day extravagance, with the train adorned in resplendent decor that showcased the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

The inauguration of the Indian Sojourn journey marked the commencement of an extraordinary adventure, promising travelers an unparalleled blend of luxury, history, and culture as they traversed the heartland of India on this iconic train.

Indian Odyssey Journey Entry Pic Indian Sojourn Departure Pics Deccan Odyssey Innaugration Departure
Indian Odyssey Welcome drink guests waiting at Station for Deccan Odyssey Departure
Mumbai Departure Decoration Indian Sojourn Clients on Indian Odyssey Journey Departure
Rangoli Decoration on Indian Odyssey Departure at Delhi station Indian Sojourn Journey Innaugration Pic